Meet the teams

We believe in quality over quantity, and intentionally keep our team small as a result. In past roles, we found it very hard to make a big impact when companies grow too large in size, which has a detrimental effect on the product and the impact any single individual can have.

Our team includes designers, engineers, and product experts focused on one thing — connecting people over sports.

Customer Experience

We try our best to meet user needs when they need help.  Sometimes they get angry anyways, but we live for the moments of delight we’re able to bring

Product Design

We draw increasingly detailed squiggly lines and boxes until we think they solve user-problems. Then we find out users want something else, and we have to start all over


It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.
We smash bugs and build new experiences day and night so everyone can play together on Sleeper.


We run awesome AD campaigns to convince people that Sleeper is the best (even though it’s already obvious!)

Data & User Insights

We talk to users and look at a few too many graphs to help Sleeper decide what to build next

Business Developments

The business that invented shovels had a groundbreaking experience. Sleeper doing the same for fantasy, and we help by expanding the buisness and building partnerships


We keep the lights on and water running at Sleeper so our users can finally win their fantasy league this season


We’re like coffee – we amplify all employees at Sleeper by creating an environment that allows everyone to focus on the best work of their careers

Here’s what our users are saying...

Our users are in love, and it shows in the numbers. Sleeper has by far the most engagement per user of any sports app, and our retention is in the top 50 of all apps.
“Honestly making the move and bringing my league to be on the sleeper app has to be the best decision I have made fantasy football wise!” - AustintheMaleNurse
“Sleeper had everything we had been saying a fantasy app should have and more. Genuinely was blown away by how smooth it runs” - Asleeper7
“From trading rookie draft picks to multi team trades to its interactive and helpful customer service, our league has never regretted switching.” - ChemistryWiz17